And it’s Official……

We are up and live with the new website.
Thanks to some Web Magic from Luke aka Menace, it’s up and large.
Just a little tweaking left, but it’s 99% up, and running. logo
We will try to update a lot more often, with images, updates, and specials. So, Follow us!
Well, it’s late, and tomorrow is a long day….so, on that note, Goodnight to you all, and a Huge Thanks to Luke for the help this evening on the site.

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The RedWing Tattoo’s New Site Update…

Hi Everyone, This is Kevin….
I’ve been working on the new website for the shop as much as possible since new years eve, and i think I’ve got a good amount of it finished.
Reason for the change was:

1) It’s a new year.

2) The Contact us was getting spammed from Spammers out of Russia.

3) There were no more updates to that format (post-nuke) and the project for the data-management Formally known as Post-nuke was taken over and renamed.

4) I like having as much as possible integrated right into the site i.e.Photo Gallery, and the new format is pretty easy to use, post to, change, and As we update the site and post things, it will automatically Post to the FB fan page, the shops Twitter, and our personal sites. It saves a lot of work trying to get the word out about special deals, upcoming events, or just how the day was etc.
We can post images up faster and integrate them into the posts…lets just say, as much easier as this new format is, it’ll allow us to have a much more versatile site.

Also, we can change the themes of the site to some pretty cool looking stuff now and then fairly simply.

So, As I get more done on it, the other site will be taken down, and put into deep reserve/backup.

I hope everyone’s New Years is Better then Last, and that we’ll be seeing you all in the near future to get your ink addictions taken care of.

Oh, Also…for those of you who were wondering with all this silly State of Minnesota Health Department, Licenses etc….
Yes, We got our License, and hanging in the shop for all to see. it kinda looks like…..THIS! LOL

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Welcome one and all to the NEW Website

We figured it was time for a change, something a little easier to navigate, and more visible for our Smart Phone Browser using Friends, Customers, and Fans.

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