Shop Remodeling update…

Well, beside an overhaul on the Website, we’ve been working on some remodeling of the shop. Tomorrow we should be done with the new lighting and Ceiling in the back (Work Stations) of the shop. It’s looking Great, and much better lighting.
We added new tile in the back where there was no flooring before. And we’re going to change a few other things around too.
THEN we’ll finish up the front of the shop as we planned a couple years ago. We’ve just been so busy we haven’t had time to get to it as quick as we would have liked to.
Thanks to you all for your understanding of the ever changing shop looks, Trust me, it’ll all be done soon, and it’ll really make you feel cozy comfy.
Also, if anyone know anyone looking to get rid of some booths, please let me know.
I’ll have pictures of the changes being done soon as more gets completed.
Happy New Year Everyone!

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