Pricing and Appointments…

First off, we do not price tattoos over the phone, Facebook or by email.

Why? Because there is no way of knowing how much something is going to cost by you trying to describe it over the phone.
Even sending a image via email won’t help us price a tattoo.
We don’t price by size, so “A small tattoo” etc. does not help.

We don’t answer messages very often over our Facebook Messenger, so, Stop into the shop, use the phone, email or make a consult appointment to ask your questions.

If you have a design, bring it in and let the artist see it, so we can figure out when we’ll have time to fit you into our schedule or try to work around your schedule to get you in for your tattoo.

If you bring in a design picture on your phone that you want done, know we’ll need that image sent to us via email or bring in a printed copy of it at least 2 days before your appointment so we can get the design drawn up, or make the necessary changes to the design to meet your needs.

IF you have an appointment, and you can’t make it, CALL US AND LET US KNOW, preferably as soon as you can.
“No Show, No Call” aka Not showing up or calling to let us know you can’t make it in on an appointment will lose you your deposit, and require yet another deposit before making another appointment.
IF you were lucky enough to not leave a deposit, your name goes on a list, and the next time you make an appointment, a deposit will be required.

KNOW what you want before you ask for a design to be drawn up.
If you’re not sure what you want, don’t ask the artist to draw something up for you.
We make time to draw for our customers who want specific custom tattoos.
If your trying to figure it out, and are not sure, surf the web for a direction you want to go with your tattoo design, and once you know what you’d like to get, we’ll be happy to consult with you and figure out what we need to draw up for you to meet your tattoo needs.

If you show up for your appointment, and have changed your mind on the design, chances are you won’t be getting your work done that day. Drawing takes time, and your appointments are scheduled for the time to get the tattoo, not to redesign, or draw up a new tattoo design and then tattoo you. Also, a small extra fee will be required for draw time.

Portrait Tattoos: If you are looking to get a portrait tattoo, make sure you have a 8×10 or larger photographer quality photo of the person you want the tattoo done of that we can either hang on to, or get a copy of.

We understand tattoo tv shows are popular, but, we also know they are very misleading and under-informative about the tattoo process.
Drawings of custom tattoos don’t take “A commercial Break” worth of time, a Sleeve can not be done in a couple hours, shops rarely do custom work the same day as you walk in the door, especially large pieces.

The shop is open 7 days a week most of the year, except for holidays.
Fridays and Saturdays are usually not good day to try and just walk in for a tattoo, but we do have some slots open on those days, and they fill up fast. Call First, email the designs, and we’ll be happy to try and squeeze you in if we can.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call the shop or email us at

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Attention Parents Bringing Your kids in for Piercings….

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update on the Age policy and the I.D. Requirements set forth by the State of Minnesota Department of Health aka the MDH who sets the laws about Piercings and Tattoos in Minnesota.

Below I will print exactly what we were Clarified as to what is considered “Proper identification” allowable for your Child to get a Piercing.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience or hard feelings this might cause

**As sent to us from MDH Below**


          Subdivision 1.Proof of age.
 (a) A technician shall require proof of age before performing any body art procedure on a client.

Proof of age must be established by one of the following methods:
(1)   a valid driver’s license or identification card issued by the state of Minnesota or another state that includes a photograph and date of birth of the individual;

(2) a valid military identification card issued by the United States Department of Defense;

(3) a valid passport;

(4) a resident alien card; or

(5) a tribal identification card.

Basically, identification that is acceptable has to be state issued, and have a picture on it. This means that a birth certificate, alone, is NOT an acceptable means of proper identification.  When it comes to the piercing of a minor child who does not have a state issued ID card, you may accept a school ID with a picture.  If the minor child does not have anything beyond the birth certificate, they should NOT receive any form of body art.

When a minor child wants to receive a piercing and their parent and/or legal guardian is present, that minor child should have with them, proper identification (outlined above) as well as a birth certificate which names the parent that has accompanied them to the piercing as their birth parent. That birth parent will, also, need to have proper identification (outlined above). If the minor child has a legal guardian, the minor child needs to bring in legal documents that name that guardian as their proper guardian, as well as proper identification. That guardian must have proper identification.

While this may cause some upset customers, this is a safety precaution for you. This ensures that the person who is signing for the minor child is indeed, legally responsible for the child.

Please contact me with any questions and/or concerns at or 651-203-8773.”

Check the Age Policy page for more details about minors getting pierced by clicking “HERE”

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Open During Construction – Building gets a FaceLift

YES, we’re open while the building gets a face lift!
The Landlord has the sidewalk blocked off in front of his business now, and probably next week or the next we’ll have scaffolding taking over the front of ours BUT there will be walk way access to get into the shop.
We should have signs up this week as well saying we’re open during construction.
Thanks, and sorry for the mess, it’s beyond our control.

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Now Offering Cosmetic Tattooing

Yes, thats right…

Red Wing Tattoo is now offering Cosmetic Tattooing!

Updates to the site with all the details and prices etc. will be added very soon.
You asked for it, We’ve answered your Requests!

Of course, Our own Talented Body Art Technician, as well as Licensed Cosmetologist
ChelC will be the one taking care of all your Cosmetic Tattooing Needs.

Some of you might know her very well for her Makeup Tutorials on Youtube,
Others from her Always breathtaking Tattoo Artwork, either way, She’s once
again, Kicking Butt and Taking Names in this wonderful Industry!

Check back for more information.

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A lil thing we call…. CHEL-C! doing a re-work.

Thanks Chelc for Making this video of the recent re-

Touching Up and Re Working Caseys Leg

Awesome Work Girl!
Hope you all enjoy the video.

Appointments with ChelC can be made by contacting her at the shop, her normal hours at the shop are.
Monday 12-5,
Tuesday 10-8,
Weds. 2:30-8pm ,
Fri & Sat 10am-5pm



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For our Smart phone using customers…

For all our smart phone using future customers, or current ones, here is the new Image you’ve been waiting for…..

I’ll be adding that to the sidebar for future use also.

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Another Remodel Update

So, the Last Work Station Full Overhaul is done, I just have a mirror to change out in one other station, then on to a different area.
More pictures to come in the future … of course.
And yes, of course, we are fully functional 7 days a week while the Renovations are being completed.

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More Shop updates…

More Remodeling getting done. 4 stations down, 1 to go.
Other things are in the process of fresh paint, etc. But, it’s coming along nicely.

Super Bowl Sunday..we will be closed. Why? We’re stripping the floor and putting 6 new coats of wax on it. Ooooo you know thats going to be shiny!
Business has picked up since the first of the year, Myself (Kevin) I’m just working on the Remodeling mostly, Everyone else is Keeping all the customers happy.
So far, the consensus is that Everyone really like the new brighter, Minimalistic look in the work areas..and I have to admit, as much as I liked the more personal look we used to have, this new look is growing on me.
Well, thats all for now. I’ll have more pictures as I finish other projects.
Other then super bowl sunday, of course, we are always open 7 days a week for your Body Art/Piercing Satisfaction.

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Shop Remodel Update

Yes, I promised updates on the remodeling.
Ok, So,New Ceiling…………………………Done!
New Lights in Work Stations…..Done!
New Paint in Work Stations…….In Progress!
Sunday I’ll be back in here doing more painting. All should be done with the painting by middle of next week.
Then, on to another of the great things we have planned for the shop. Keep an eye on us…If ya don’t go blind from how BRIGHT it is.

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Shop Remodeling update…

Well, beside an overhaul on the Website, we’ve been working on some remodeling of the shop. Tomorrow we should be done with the new lighting and Ceiling in the back (Work Stations) of the shop. It’s looking Great, and much better lighting.
We added new tile in the back where there was no flooring before. And we’re going to change a few other things around too.
THEN we’ll finish up the front of the shop as we planned a couple years ago. We’ve just been so busy we haven’t had time to get to it as quick as we would have liked to.
Thanks to you all for your understanding of the ever changing shop looks, Trust me, it’ll all be done soon, and it’ll really make you feel cozy comfy.
Also, if anyone know anyone looking to get rid of some booths, please let me know.
I’ll have pictures of the changes being done soon as more gets completed.
Happy New Year Everyone!

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